Get a sample of your ketubah before you buy!

Get a Ketubah Sample

Not sure about a particular ketubah design? Preview it.

Your ketubah is a very personal decision, and we understand that it may not be easy to choose among designs.

We do have large views of each of our ketubot -- just click on the detail picture -- and we have brochures available that may feature the design you are considering. However, there's nothing like seeing it in person.

Blue Doves Ketubah by Valerie Ross.
Blue Doves Ketubah
by Valerie Ross

You can order a sample of any Ketubah Studio design.

While it will be smaller than the finished ketubah (at 8 1/2" x 11"), but it will be on the same paper and will use the same printing process as the real thing.

Currently, more than 98% of our sample clients have ordered a ketubah!

If you're still not sure or just feel the need to see a full-size ketubah sample in person, contact us. We'll help put you in touch with an MP Artworks Authorized Dealers near you.

* That is, the text may be one of our standard texts, or it may be a custom text. If you want to purchase the text exactly as it appears on your sample -- and the sample features a custom text -- our "custom text" charge will apply.


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